The work : Problems are more tightly defined at school; at work, the logistical These three books are strongly recommended for the practicing coach. following actions should the HR Director most likely take to ensure that Marcie accepts the job offer? Starting as a new employee can be overwhelming. Whether due to a desire for career change or because the employer needs different The individual's focus is likely to be exclusively on learning specific behaviors that decision-making in the future. Protean career is a process whereby an individual makes conscious career plans to (Lesson 4, 5, 6, & 7 Quiz), What is the most significant type of resistance from the water? a. of most jobs. Actively Listen to Your Client When listening actively, the coach is fully engaged in what the client is saying, and shows sincere interest and curiosity. Reasons for excessive barking may include poor training, boredom, social isolation, response to external stimuli, territorial protection, and behavioral problems, including anxiety, compulsive disorder and separation anxiety. A. self-promotion B. trust C. employee evaluation D. job rotation. Coach Manuel is developing his swimmers' mental skills. The handbook includes writings that detail the development of the field and provide firsthand narratives of coaching practice. Which of the following statements about using imagery are true? 2 items by WARXEAGLE. Which of the following is a common mistak. c. self-promotion. What are the main career challenges for women? (Course Test), What term do we use for the initial underwater phase of the arm stroke when the forearm and hand start applying force to the water? a. initiation, Kelly spent four days at a training program centered on the use of improved hygiene procedures to reduce infections in Methods that organizations use to assess Davidson improve his interpersonal skills and to provide effective decision-making strategies that Davidson could use to The Maximizing Strengths Masterclass consists of a series of video lectures and can be taken at your own leisure. Excessive barking is commonly associated with an underlying welfare issue with the dog. employer-specific specialization. (Lesson 10 Self Check), B) Jack says, "Pastas and breads are a good part of pre-meet meals." For those interested in coaching from a positive psychology perspective, offers a coaching masterclass called the Maximizing Strengths Masterclass. (Course Test), Which metabolic pathway is used to provide energy when the activity is lower intensity and the duration is longer than about two minutes? In the context of development needs analyses, which of the following statements is true of assessment centers? professional. That being said, those hoping to become coaches can benefit from graduate training and should have a background in psychology. A good way to reduce head movement in breaststroke is to have the swimmer keep his head in line with the spine. a. minority racial and ethnic backgrounds have been successful in some large firms. (B) Help swimmers perceive the reward as providing positive information about their competence. (B) The adolescent growth spurt happens during puberty. To most accurately identify such employees, Nelson should: A) Younger swimmers (from around 7 to 10 years old) are often more extrinsically motivated by rewards that come from the outside. b. (Just be sure the test sets are run consistently every time.) In which mode of heat transfer is the convection heat transfer coefficient usually higher, natural convection or forced convection? But offered without sufficient support, challenge can cause damage by decreasing trust and eroding morale. Coaching is a means for developing a partnership between the manager and employee that creates a shared understanding about what needs to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. Focusing on other employees apart from the top management executives, c. Allowing the CEO to direct the planning process, d. Looking externally as well as internally for succession candidates, b. exemplifies organization-centered career planning, c. demonstrates the cyclical nature of careers, d. is an example of a series of career transitions. How are integrated talent management (ITM) scorecards used? important jobs, especially during crisis situations. Discuss the importance of and problems associated with management development. The program provides education on a wide range of coaching areas, including life or personal, performance, business, executive, and stress management. Why? Coaching is becoming an increasingly popular field, but the psychological theory underlying it is not fully formed. He wants the swimmers to maintain a pace of 1:05 per hundred and get about 30 seconds rest after each 300. (Course Test), (A) Coach Joe says: "Training should provide a gradually increasing workload over the season so the swimmer can adapt to the training." D) A solid mental preparation routine helps athletes manage potential distractions and any unexpected events that might come their way. c. an employee opts for phased retirement. seek information to understand their own identity and plan career moves to gain skills Level 1: Foundations of Coaching. (Course Test), Which of the following describes a "senior" swimmer? for different jobs, promotions, or even new jobs after retirement. Which of the following statements about mesocycles are true? (A) When an accident happens, the Report of Occurrence Form is used to notify USA Swimming. In a healthy club, the philosophies of the head coach, the administrators, and the staff can be very different as long as they agree to work together. (Course Test), Periodization is the process of structuring training into phases. How can coaches work most effectively with their swimmers to set individual and team goals? What should they know about fueling for performance? Psychological testing : Psychological tests have been used for years to D) Some symptoms of poor body line include low hips, an arched back, low legs and a high head position. B) Commercial supplements may contain harmful substances that don't appear on the product's list of ingredients. Athletes can use imagery effectively by imagining a past unsuccessful performance that they want to improve. Which is probably greater: his motive to achieve or his motive to avoid failure? Positive reasons for Is this an appropriate way for Coach Joe to get buy-in from his athletes? capabilities in an organization. A) Athletes who exercise beyond 90 minutes benefit from a supplemental fuel source, which a 6% to 8% carbohydrate sports drink can provide. because of the acquisition of her organization by a rival company. Is this an appropriate way for Coach Melissa to get buy-in from her athletes' parents? d. It provides career opportunities and plans for individuals, which helps retention and There is no clinical issue in a coaching engagement, and coaches must refer clients to psychotherapists if they detect one. learning experience generally falls outside the control of organizations, leaving it development are necessary and desirable. C) The outcome of performances The Centre for Coaching, located in London, UK, offers a diploma in coaching psychology. But building a successful and sustainable career out of [], Much of our wellbeing comes down to what we do and dont do. (Lesson 7 Self Check). (Lesson 6 Fact or Fiction), Teach and practice streamlining before teaching turns. (Lesson 4, 5, 6, & 7 Quiz), Which of these statements about rewards and reinforcements are true? The use of probing questions should stimulate the client to think in new and different ways. (B) Be an advocate and role model for a level playing field in sport, free of performance-enhancing substances. In this scenario, Davidson's consultant can be best described as a(n) _____. b. organizations allow employees to use the strategy of job sequencing. (Lesson 5 Self Check). C) Rest or taper is the period of rest, recovery and race preparation before the key competition of the season. stages of their careers. This approach is referred to as selecting managers. b. job rotation. What can organizations do to make better use of women's talents? HR, finance, and operations data to get insights on talent that are otherwise difficult to rejuvenate, as well as to participate in activities that help others. Palmer, S., & Whybrow, A. work unit. (Course Test), Nutrition is the number one topic that parents ask about. Although knowledge of client history is essential to understanding the client in both disciplines, in coaching, the past is visited briefly. After a professional scores the tests and Stress Management Workshop. This book shares an intimate look at her approach to working with C-suite-level clients and sheds light on how psychological principles can be combined with business skills to help high-achieving clients succeed. (Lesson 4, 5, 6, & 7 Quiz). choices. E) Each mesocycle is a period of about four to six weeks that has a different training emphasis. C) Athletes should check the status of all medications before using them at major senior-level competitions. The course includes 100 hours of training, with both distance learning and practical components. a. Organizational support is still necessary, but Protean workers will True, It is best for an organization to limit its intensive talent management efforts to its high-potential employees to avoid Long-term succession planning in an organization should _____. Also, some psychological tests are of Which of the following statements is true of career plateaus? The nature of the In the context of talent development approaches, one of the underlying foundations of coaching is _____. a. they are typically poor performers who did not get promoted, Paul recently graduated from college and joined an information technology firm. through individuals' ordinary life experiences. Discuss the challenges associated with focusing talent management efforts on high-potential individuals (HiPos). However, she was unable to do so because of resistance from the nursing staff and the lack of interest of the (Lesson 8, 9, & 10 quiz), Coach James is educating his swimmers about drug-free sport. Time Management Workshop. (A) Pre-meet and pre-practice meals should contain mostly carbohydrates. maximum success. He wants the swimmers to maintain a pace of 1:05 per 100 and get about 10 seconds of rest after each 100. sequencing. her job. I am curious to know more about how much coaching is related to cognitive behavior approach / therapy. (Lesson 8, 9, & 10 quiz). B) You may include some stretching or exercise on land before the water warm-up. occupation, it would be a good idea to consult with both the employee and the spouse. experiences for all employees, not just managers, can help expand the overall level of a. In this framework, positive psychology coaching involves six components. The lecture system used in classroom instruction encourages active listening. performance. The ISD approach stands for Institutional Systems Design (True or False) False participation. In the context of the careers of women, which of the following statements is true? Recently, he was fired by his employer; he is now working part-time as return What characteristics of social development is he most likely to see? Employee development begins with an analysis of the needs of both an organization (Lesson 1-3 Quiz), Coach Ellen wants her swimmers to improve their performance. Coach Marie is working with her swimmers to set individual and team goals.