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Alices sudden change in behavior terrified them, and they sent her to several specialists to try and find out what was really happening. That is just the kind of woman that Princess Alice was. [3] King Constantine II of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie went into exile that December after a failed royalist counter-coup. McKenzie Jean-Philippe is the editorial assistant at covering pop culture, TV, movies, celebrity, and lifestyle. Her doctors subjected her to electroconvulsive therapy and x-rayed her reproductive organs under the assumption that her mental instability was connected to her libido (that treatment was Sigmund Freuds idea, which tracks). She generally split her time between Darmstadt, London, Jugenheim, and Malta, with countless diplomatic trips sprinkled throughout. It was decided not to invite Princess Andrew's daughters (the groom's sisters) to the wedding because of anti-German sentiment in Britain following World War II. At Factinate, were dedicated to getting things right. At least, for Alice, this was some respite from the conflict. Alice's actions stopped the family from being captured by Nazis. Princess Alice stayed locked up in the sanatorium for two years, despite her many pleas for freedom. She devoted her life to good deeds and spiritual growth, and was notable among European royalty for taking Jews into her home during the Holocaust. The Princess married the handsome Georg Donatus, the Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse. After marrying Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark in 1903, she adopted the style of her husband, becoming Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark. She organized soup kitchens, and even smuggled medical supplies into the country from Sweden under the guise of a visit to her sister, Louise. Later in the year, the Grand Duchess began giving away all her possessions in preparation for a more spiritual life. Just a few short years later, she sat at a British royal wedding, across from the King of England himself. Alice didnt have much to offer her new daughter-in-law, but she had some of her jewels used to make Elizabeths engagement ring. [25] Princess Andrew was forcibly removed from her family and placed in Ludwig Binswanger's sanatorium in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Mashable is a registered trademark of Ziff Davis and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. Her doctors sought out Sigmund Freud, the poster boy of psychoanalysis, to help determine what treatment could help Alice. Alexis Nedd is a senior entertainment reporter at Mashable. Her tribulations were explored during Channel 5's documentary, 'Princess Alice: The Royals' Greatest Secret'.. Born at Windsor Castle on February 25, 1885, in the presence of her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, she was the daughter of Prince Louis of Battenberg and Princess Victoria of Hesse. And, if her demand wasnt courageous enough, she was also hiding a secretone that would mean certain death if it got out. Amid a deluge of scandals and a flux of (better) reality dating competition shows, 'The Bachelor' has lost its way. [42] On the day of the wedding, her son was created Duke of Edinburgh by George VI. You would think that, being a royal and all, Princess Alice would have left a handsome will behind. If anything, the city grew even more dangerous, as the streets became a battleground for the struggle. In 1937, Princess Alice received devastating news: Her daughter Cecilie, her son-in-law, and two of her grandchildren lost their lives in an air accident that shocked the world and the royal family. With Glynis Barber, Princess Alice of Battenberg, Princess Henry of Battenberg, King Charles III. Queen Victorias 63-year reign ended in 1901, and a 16-year Princess Alice attended the funeral. She spent the duration of the conflict living in Athens while the rest of the Greek royal family fled the country for South Africa. It all started when little Alice reached the age when her parents expected her to start talking. [39] In a letter to her son, she admitted that in the last week before liberation she had had no food except bread and butter, and no meat for several months. Little did she know, it was only beginning. 'Cause you're worth it, and you deserve it. After she married Prince Andrew of Greece . Princess Alice: The Royals' Greatest Secret: Directed by Joanna Burge, Tamsin Curry. Her mother was baffled by her actions, "What can you say of a nun who smokes and plays canasta? The biggest stories of the day delivered to your inbox. Mourning. After the coronation, she returned to Greece. This was no Bedlamsome of the worlds richest mental patients resided at the sanatoriumbut to Alice, it was nothing more than a prison. Few have heard of the Queen's mother-in-law, Princess Alice. Alice was born in the Tapestry Room at Windsor Castle in Berkshire in the presence of her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. [13], With the advent of the Balkan Wars, Prince Andrew was reinstated in the army, and Princess Andrew acted as a nurse, assisting at operations and setting up field hospitals, work for which King George V awarded her the Royal Red Cross in 1913. Do you question the accuracy of a fact you just read? In 1902, Prince Andrew met Princess Alice of Battenberg during his stay in London on the occasion of the coronation of Edward VII, who was his uncle-by-marriage and her grand-uncle. A great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, Alice was born in Windsor Castle and grew up in the United Kingdom, Germany and Malta. However, despite our best efforts, we sometimes miss the mark. By the time Alice got out, her life had already passed her by. She grew up in Great Britain, Germany and Malta. Alice had to wait with bated breath to hear her husbands fate, and her own along with it. After years in a small, humble flat, Alice moved to the former royal palace in the middle of the city. They heaved a sigh of relief when she spoke her first words, but soon a new fear surfaced. She was christened Victoria Alice Elizabeth Julia Marie in Darmstadt on 25 April 1885. (Prince Philip and Lord Louis Mountbatten also attended. So, who was the lucky lady Philip managed to tie down? ", she said. "[41], Princess Andrew returned to the United Kingdom in April 1947 to attend the November wedding of her only son, Philip, to Princess Elizabeth, the elder daughter and heir presumptive of King George VI. She even tried to escape several times, only for guards to bring her right back. The Greek Liberation movement gained traction, and that was not good news for a royal like Alice. Later, Israels Holocaust memorial institution would declare her Righteous Among Nations for her efforts. Making distraction rewarding since 2017. During the fighting, to the dismay of the British, she insisted on walking the streets distributing rations to policemen and children in contravention of the curfew order. The first Battenbergs were a family of German counts that died out about 1314 and whose seat was the castle of Kellerburg, near Battenberg, in Hesse. Please reach out to us to let us know what youre interested in reading. So, when the general asked what he could do for her, she looked him in the eye and barked, You can take your troops out of my country. [35] She organised two shelters for orphaned and lost children, and a nursing circuit for poor neighbourhoods. The naval career of her father, Prince Louis of Battenberg, had collapsed at the beginning of the war in the face of anti-German sentiment in Britain. Date of death. Honestly, that would have been preferable to what really awaited Princess Alice. As Prince Philip's mother and Queen Elizabeth II's mother-in-law, the latter invited the elderly princess to live in London to be closer to the family after she struggled in Greece. So, why worry about that? One of these royals was Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. Thanks for your help! There's something about the family structure that encourages secrets. Princess Alice was royalty, and she was staying in a fairy swanky sanatorium, which meant the greatest minds of the day studied her and tried to understand her condition further. Below, the real-life details surrounding the last years of Princess Alice of Battenberg, who died at Buckingham Palace at the age of 84 on December 5, 1969. The democratic government forced King Constantine I to abdicate, then exiled the entire royal family to Switzerland. As seen in The Crown Season 2 episode Paterfamilias, Princess Alice was estranged from her family following her institutionalization. Prince Ludwig was born in 1931, Prince Alexander on 1933 and Princess Johanna, the youngest in 1936. She couldnt save the 60,000 Jews whom the Germans deported, but she could at least do this. No possibility of hemophilia in his descendants. After they sent her to a sanatorium, Princess Alice scarcely saw anyone from her family for the rest of her life. One day, Princess Alice was living off of meager war rations in Athens. . The Brits werent just going to forget about her! [43], In January 1949, the princess founded a nursing order of Greek Orthodox nuns, the Christian Sisterhood of Martha and Mary, modelled after the convent that her aunt, the martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, had founded in Russia in 1909. [51] Her wish was realised on 3 August 1988 when her remains were transferred to her final resting place in a crypt below the church. How Did Princess Alice of Battenberg Die? Then a tragedy forced her to change her plans. It was an extremely dark time, and not just for Princess Alice. To dampen her libido, of course, and thus fix the problem. You couldnt miss Princess Alice at her daughter-in-laws coronation. Though Alice preferred to remain in Greece, the 1967 Colonels Coup made it too dangerous to do so. Though incredibly frail and even deafer than ever before, Alice remained lucid until her final days. [3] Her mother noticed that she was slow in learning to talk, and became concerned by her indistinct pronunciation. Alice later revealed to her son just how desperate the final days of Germanys occupation had been. Our editors are instructed to fact check thoroughly, including finding at least three references for each fact. The seventh out of the eleven children of King Nicholas I and Queen Milena of Montenegro, Princess Anna was born in 1874 and grew up in the small Balkan Principality, which became a Kingdom in 1910, before being educated in Russia under the care of the Tsar. Born deaf, she faced tremendous hardships but found solace in . Alice and Andrew didnt wait long. They had four children. From her heroism during WWII to her abandonment in a mental institution, this forgotten royal is worth a closer look. Warner Bros. He had barely seen Alice a handful of times since he sent her off to the sanatorium in 1930. When her daughter, Princess George of Hanover, complained that it would be too far away for them to visit her grave, Princess Andrew jested, "Nonsense, there's a perfectly good bus service!". Princess Alice stood out for another reason: she was deaf from birth. Princess Alice of Greece Timeline 1885-1969 Born - 25th February 1885 Died - 5th December 1969 Father - Prince Louis of Battenberg (1854 - 1921) Mother - Princess Victoria of Hesse (1863 - 1950) Spouse - m. 1903 - Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark (1882 - 1944) Alice saw her husband, Prince Andrew, and son, Prince Philip for the first time in six years at their daughters funeral. Battenberg family, English Mountbatten, a family that rose to international prominence in the 19th and 20th centuries, the name being a revival of a medieval title. She learned to lip-read in several . Though almost none of her family remained there and the monarchy was in tatters, Greece was her home. Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse and by Rhine was a carrier. . [38], When Athens was liberated in October 1944, Harold Macmillan visited Princess Andrew and described her as "living in humble, not to say somewhat squalid conditions". Princess Alice was born in Windsor Castle's Tapestry Rooma far cry from the sanatorium she'd eventually find herself in. But for a woman with such blue blood, Princess Alices life was no fairy tale. However, because this poor woman must have been cursed, Alices problems were far from over. Then in 1949, she founded the Christian Sisterhood of Martha and Mary near Athens, dedicated to helping the ill and needy. In October 1937, Cecilie's father-in-law Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse died. Alice was brilliant, and soon she could speak and lip-read in both English and German. I knew that she was going to take it badly, but I had no idea about the insane lengths she would go to just to get revenge and mess with my life. [14] By June 1917, the King's neutrality policy had become so untenable that she and other members of the Greek royal family were forced into exile when her brother-in-law abdicated. The death of the Duke of Edinburgh has highlighted the extraordinary legacy of his mother, Princess Alice, a deeply religious woman famed for saving a Jewish family from the Holocaust.